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Homemade waste oil burner

25-07-2015, 00:14. Author: AlexGyver

DIY waste oil heater

  • Original scheme of Babington burner

    Homemade waste oil burner

  • How it works

    Waste oil flows onto the nozzle, so burner would work with waste oil any pollution level. Compressed air consumption is very little, only a few liters per hour!
    You can use a handmade compressors of refrigerators or compressors from aquarium

    Also, the waste oil flowing down from the ball should be bring back into the tank, which means that the oil pump is need.

  • Step 1

    I placed сar oil pump to a sheet of metal with motor and gear and an electronic speed control to be able to regulate the supply of oil. My diy waste oil heater will be placed on the bucket filled with waste oil.
    Homemade waste oil burner

  • The nozzle

  • Step 2

    I can't fount metal ball, so I welded a piece of stainless steel to the M10 bolt and make it spherical.

  • Step 3

    Then drill a hole in the center of the screw with diameter of 5 mm. Press a piece of aluminum into it, and in aluminium I drilled a hole with 0.3 mm diamete.
    It's recommended to 0.25mm hole

    Homemade waste oil burner

    Homemade waste oil burner

  • Step 4

    The nozzle inserted into a cast-iron tee 1.5 ", produced to a tee base with hydraulic lock for security.
    Homemade waste oil burner

  • Scheme

    Here is a scheme of my Babington burner
    Homemade waste oil burner

  • Step 5

    Make a spiral of copper tube

  • Step 6

    Attach it to tee
    Assembled homemade waste oil burner. Oil is flown through the copper pipe. The tube is bent into a spiral, to provide heating oil
    Hot oil becoming more liquid and better atomized

    Homemade waste oil burner

  • Nozzle

    Here you can see a nozzle
    Homemade waste oil burner

    It is working! Nozzle works perefectly, oil is atomizing very good
    Homemade waste oil burner

  • Automation of Babington burner

  • Step 7

    Then I thought about complete automation of my waste oil heater. I want to make the boiler with waste oil for heating. So I got a pair of solenoid air valves.
    Homemade waste oil burner

  • Plan

    There is an idea to use a propane torch to ignite Babington burner, with the ignition coil from the car. You can also use propane instead of air, then ignition burner is does not need for homemade waste oil burner.
    How it would work: the control unit opens the valve of the gas, submits a spark. As soon as the thermocouple voltage occur, the control unit switches off the ignition and after a short time includes supplying oil and air, after which the flame on the burner is controlled by an optical sensor. As soon as the stable flickering flame, the gas supply to the burner will start to overlap. There will also be a temperature sensor, and after overheating Babington burner will be shut down, cool down and turn on again.
    Today I replaced nozzle with twice little one, and Babington burner start burn weaker (it's good, because erailer it was too hot to stand by). Also you can drill two nozzles nearby, and separately control each one, so you achieve step by step power control

  • Step 8

    Startup burner for Babington is chinese torch with piezo firestarter
    Homemade waste oil burner

    Homemade waste oil burner

    Homemade waste oil burner

  • Step 9

    Diy waste oil heater is supplying by propane with pressure of 0.2-1 kg / cm. Weld a pipe with a candle for the automotive mount and the starting burner tube under an optical flame sensor.
    Homemade waste oil burner

    Homemade waste oil burner

  • How it works now

    Starts great, with the first spark is lit steadily, the flame is blown. Propane flows with low pressure so that the burner can operate in cold weather, when the pressure in the tank drops to 0.5-1 kg / cm2.

  • Step 10

    Also i found thermocouple
    Homemade waste oil burner

  • Step 11

    Got an infrared phototransistor for optical sensor
    Homemade waste oil burner

  • Step 12

    Developed a simple circuit. LM339n chip is taken from the computer power supply
    Homemade waste oil burner

  • Step 13

    All assempled
    Homemade waste oil burner

  • Sensor's demonstration video

  • Step 14

    More. Steal plates for heat resistant for Babington burner.
    Homemade waste oil burner

    Homemade waste oil burner

  • Final

    Homemade waste oil burner

    Author: romka10.06

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