DIY barbecue grill
Glowing beads flowers
DIY waste oil burner
Troll-face charms
This article describes a simple version of a single-cylinder homemade steam engine with slide valve.
If the title does not scare you, read it full.
How to build a steam engine
You are terrorised by mouse?
You don't find easy ways?
You like interesting mechanisms?
This mousetrap is for you! (for your mouse, you understood me)
How to make a mousetrap
I want to indroduce you two barbecue grills made of junk with post-apocalyptic style. I think that rangers from Fallout and Mad Max cooked in similar grills. If you are intrested by post-apocalyptic handmade devices - welcome!
Homemade bbq grill
Everybody knows a device like whistle. Did you know, that such device can be made of tincan by your hands for few minutes?
How to make a whistle
Combustion temperature of alcohol is about 900 degrees celcium, gasolin is near 1400. So how can we frugally get this temperature, this energy? Of course we need a stove. Homemade alcohol stove.
DIY alcohol stove
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