DIY whistle
3D cube illusion
Throwing knifes
DIY tractor
How many barrels may have rubber band gun? Let's make... hmmm... 16. And what about amount of ammo? What do you think about 336 rubber bands?
This beast is capable to shoot rubber bands with rate of 15 bands per second!!!
How to make rubber band gun
In this topic I want to tell you about how a made crossbow with foldable bow and buttstock.
DIY foldable crossbow
In this topic I want to tell you about my beautiful crossbow. Topic is pretty big, so provide yourself with some tea and crackers.
DIY crossbow
This topic is about how to build a flamethrower of fire extinguisher and couple of steel tubes
How to build a flamethrower
Once in the Internet I saw a picture of a pair keychains with Derp and Derpina faces respectively for a guy and a girl. I did not find where to buy them, so I decided to make these keychains by myself. Also in this article, you can learn how to etch pattern on the knife or other metal object.
Handmade keychains
I really don't know how I should call this device, because technically it is a crossbow, but bow is replaced by rubber, like a slingshot. And finally it looks like a shotgun and shoot with steel balls. Oo.
How to make a slingshot crossbow
In this topic is described how to make mini crossbow. It is not very powerful, because the string is made of rubber, making a mini crossbow the great shooting toy for a child.
Homemade mini crossbow
Probably everyone at least once in his life made a water bottle rocket. In this article I want to introduce you to a rocket made by Sima. The rocket is three-liter bottles (!) and has a parachute system on board.
How to make bottle rocket
Throwing knifes - very interesting and skill entertainment. Theoretically, you can accurately throw a knife or any sharp-edged thing, but throwing knife is the best one. Large, heavy and balanced. Naturally, they cost money, but if you have old file or similar piece of iron... read this article, you can make of them throwing knives!
Homemade throwing knife
I'm gonna begin a series of topics about how to make a boomerang with my favorite one: three-bladed Abstergo boomerang. Beautiful and bright, rapid and stable, it takes the first place in my collection. You can follow the rest of boomerangs by tag "boomerang".
How to make boomerang with 3 blades

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