DIY whistle
3D cube illusion
Throwing knifes
DIY tractor
How to build МХ-1 Wolwerine foam RC airplane guide. Fast, dazzlingly beautiful and maneuverable.
How to build RC plane
There was not the season for radio controlled models, and I decided to make a very simple model - foam plane. The model is very simple and suitable for beginners of all skill levels.
DIY foam plane
I want to show you one more rocket. It has a pretty impressive size (length of 2 meters and a diameter of 90 mm) and has a salvation system.
DIY rocket
Probably everyone at least once in his life made a water bottle rocket. In this article I want to introduce you to a rocket made by Sima. The rocket is three-liter bottles (!) and has a parachute system on board.
How to make bottle rocket
I'm gonna begin a series of topics about how to make a boomerang with my favorite one: three-bladed Abstergo boomerang. Beautiful and bright, rapid and stable, it takes the first place in my collection. You can follow the rest of boomerangs by tag "boomerang".
How to make boomerang with 3 blades
- Is it a bird!
- No, it's a plane!
- It's Superman!
No. This is - a box-shaped kite. Perhaps the most interesting variation on the theme of kites. Large, unusual, tailless... Maybe it's not even a kite, it abolutely not like usual kites...
How to make a box kite