DIY whistle
3D cube illusion
Throwing knifes
DIY tractor
You don't know what to do with the waste oil and freeze in winter in the garage? Here is the solution - the diy waste oil heater or Babbington's burner. How to make this brutal hell machine for heating and utiliation of oil, read and watch full!
Homemade waste oil burner
... It began a year ago. I was eager to make a machine-tool and dug the Internet. I stopped on site vri-cnc and program of the same name as a simple to understand for simple Russian man.
The machine could be made from almost anything. Rummaging in the garage (workshop), gather up the old printers.... and I started to work.
DIY cnc machine - tool
Combustion temperature of alcohol is about 900 degrees celcium, gasolin is near 1400. So how can we frugally get this temperature, this energy? Of course we need a stove. Homemade alcohol stove.
DIY alcohol stove