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DIY foam plane

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DIY foam plane

Foam airplane

difficultyDifficulty: ★★☆☆☆

timeTime: About 2 hours

ScrapFrom scrap: ████░░░░░░ 40%


There was not the season for radio controlled models, and I decided to make a very simple model - foam plane. The model is very simple and suitable for beginners of all skill levels.


  • 3 plates of styrofoam

  • Stationery knife or scalpel
  • Line
  • Titanium or other adhesive to the foam

    How to make foam plane

  • Drawings

    DIY foam plane

    DIY foam plane

  • Print, transfer to foam and cut out:

  • Step 1

    Fuselage - 5 pieces
    Cut with a scalpel is the best

    DIY foam plane

  • Step 2

    Cheek - 2 pieces
    DIY foam plane

  • Step 3

    Wing - flip and cut 2 pieces as a two-layer wing
    DIY foam plane

  • Step 4

    Stabilizers - 2 pieces. All pieces
    DIY foam plane

  • Step 5

    All parts of the fuselage are glued in stack, cheeks are glued to edges. Wing is glued of two layers
    DIY foam plane

  • Step 6

    Insert stabilizers into its places
    DIY foam plane

  • Step 7

    Attach fuselage
    All of the joints is desirable to strengthen with a little glue

    DIY foam plane

  • Final

    DIY foam plane

    Author: samopalkin


Video about the first test, unfortunately in the apartment

ResultsResults and tips

  • Fine flying
  • The simplest model
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