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How to etch pcb cheap

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How to etch pcb cheap

Cheap PCB etching fluid

difficultyDifficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

timeTime: Less than 10 minutes

ScrapFrom scrap: ██░░░░░░░░ 20%


Recently I found in the Internet at a very cheap solution for etching PCB. To make it you need components which total cost not more than $0.5.
Previously, I etched with ferric chloride, and then used sodium persulfate, which does not stain. However, the solution I found is better and faster that both of them!


    For 40 ml PCB etching fluid
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Lemon acid
  • Salt

  • Pickling tank

    How to etch pcb fast and cheap

  • Step 1

    Mix all the ingredients in the proportions:
    • Hydrogen peroxide 100
    • Lemon acid 30
    • Salt: 5

  • Start etching PCB

    How to etch pcb cheap

  • After 10 minutes

    How to etch pcb cheap

  • After 12 minutes

    How to etch pcb cheap

    How to etch pcb cheap

    So all process took 12 minutes!!!
    Author: zwer1997


An another way to rapidly etch a PCB, let's watch!

ResultsResults and tips

  • Etches very quickly unlike etching by ferric chloride or sodium persulfate
  • The whole process took 12 minutes
  • The cost of this solution is very small in comparison with others
  • Does not stain
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