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DIY alcohol stove

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DIY alcohol stove

Homemade alcohol stove

difficultyDifficulty: ★★☆☆☆

timeTime: About half an hour

ScrapFrom scrap: ██████░░░░ 60%


Combustion temperature of alcohol is about 900 degrees celcium, gasolin is near 1400. So how can we frugally get this temperature, this energy? Of course we need a stove. DIY alcohol stove.


  • Coppeк tube with diameter 8-10 mm
  • 30-40 diameter cylinder (little spray can)
  • Little glass can with metal cap
  • Sand
  • Cotton
  • Alcohol

  • Hacksaw
  • Drill
  • Soldering iron
  • Vise
  • Vise and hammer

    DIY alcohol stove

  • Step 1. Cutting tube

    Firstly you need a spiral tube. For this is needed a copper tube with diameter of 8-10 mm and length of about 40 cm.
    Dont forget to treat edges with file to not hurt yourself with sharp edges

    DIY alcohol stove

  • Step 2. Twisting spiral

    Tube is need to be bended into spiral, and to prevent it for crushing, fill it with sand. Plug one edge of tube with wooden stick, fill sand and plug stick in second edge. Next find a cylinder with diameter 30-40 mm. Spray cans is the best idea, because there is a many models with differend sizes of them in your house (air fresher, deodorant...) Next step is bend tube around your spray can for 1.5 turn.
    DIY alcohol stove

    Coils need be on some distance, it depends on size of flame and you can tune it with final step of making that homemade alcohol stove. Flame must pass between coils.
    DIY alcohol stove

  • Step 3. Wick

    Now it's time to insert wick. Wick is a cotton strip. Insert it in both edges of copper tube to the lenght of straight sector of tube. Also fuse needs to stick out to 20 mm from lower edges of tube. Thickness of wick is experimentally.
    If wick will too thick, diy alcohol stove will blow fire. So you need to make bigger jet hole (next step) or make thinner wick.

    DIY alcohol stove

    DIY alcohol stove

  • Step 4. Jet hole

    Next step is to make a jet hole in tube. Size of hole is optional and gets experimentally. Start from diameter less than 1 mm, you can extend it. Make hole with an awl and hammer, copper is very soft.

  • Step 5. Alcohol tank

    Now we need a tank for stove. Drill two holes in tank's cover and put spiral tube into it.
    DIY alcohol stove

    You can use glass can, or handmade jar made of can.

  • Step 6. Attaching tube

    Next step is hermetically attach tube to cover. It could be made by soldering.
    Dont forget to treat or scratch surface before soldering

    DIY alcohol stove

    DIY alcohol stove

    Connection between cap and alcohol tank must be germetically, because this diy alcohol stove will works only if vaporised alcohol passes only through the jet hole

    Fill tank with alcohol and thats's all, homemade alcohol stove is ready to burn!

  • How it works

    Start heating sector of tube with jet hole with lighter or matches, or any source of fire. Tube is starts to heat and heats fuel in the wick. Fuel starts to vaporise and moves to jet hole, then taking fire. Now flame from jet hole heats spiral tube and process comes independently. Here you can read about another diy alcohol stove.
    DIY alcohol stove

    Author: favn


If there is cold even with dozen of homemade alcohol stoves like that, it's need to more serious thing: multi-barrel flamethrower! IT'S TOTAL MADNESS!!! (in the hail of satan)

ResultsResults and tips

  • All sizes is free, you can experiment
  • Alcohol consumption is very low, this alcohol stove is very economic
  • You can use any fuel, like gasoline, but alcohol is smoke less
  • Also read about another cool diy alcohol primus
  • Sorry for my english

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