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How to make potato gun

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How to make potato gun

Homemade potato gun

difficultyDifficulty: ★★★☆☆

timeTime: About 2 hours

ScrapFrom scrap: ████████░░ 80%


One day I noticed a large foam reservior in the garbage. We was addicted to homemade potato guns, so I decided to make a small gun from this container. Foam's name was "Gold Gun" so exactly this fact hinted me about making a potato gun out of it. Also I made a silencer to this gun and wrote about it in individual topic. At the rear of the gun I inserted a neck of a bottle for purging and fueling. The design became rather difficult, but absolutely still done at home.


  • The big aerosol can of a foam
  • Plastic bottle
  • Steel wire
  • Wires
  • Piezo lighter
  • A small spray can
  • PVC water pipe with diameter of 35 mm and length of 500 mm

  • Hacksaw
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Files
  • Self
  • Pliers
  • The gypsum or alabaster
  • Sandpaper
  • Small nails
  • Tape
  • Stove or industrial dryer

    How to make potato gun

  • Step 1

    The can has an attachment on the top, you need to get rid of it. Use hacksaw and pliers to remove it
    It can also be cut by melting with heated knife

    How to make potato gun

  • Step 2

    Cut the neck of any plastic bottle

  • Step 3

    Drill two holes in it right over the rim and insert a piece of steel wire, slightly bend its ends down
    How to make potato gun

  • Step 4

    At the bottom of the can is necessary to make a hole with diameter of the bottle's neck. To do this, drill a hole in the center and expand it with a file
    Be sure to let all air out of the can before drilling it!

  • Step 5

    Reveal upper part of the can, pull up the tube and all unnecessary parts and expand the hole

  • Scheme

    Attachment of the neck of the bottle to the can. It get a little tricky, but 100% safe in work.
    The neck is inserted into the hole
    How to make potato gun

    1 - Can
    2 - Gypsum
    3 - Wire
    4 - The bottle
    5 - Screw

  • Step 6

    Drill holes and screw up the screws. Next, insert the neck of the bottle and fill bottom with gypsum
    How to make potato gun

    How to make potato gun

  • Mounting of barrel

  • Step 7

    Potato gun's barrel will be removable, for charging and purging will be simply removeing from its mounting. Mount is a small aerosol can with diameter slightly larger than the outer diameter of the barrel. The extra part are cut off, rubber O-ring is glued inside for sealing
    How to make potato gun

  • Step 8

    This tube is attached on gypsum too, so it is necessary to insert pieces of steel wire crosswise in it
    How to make potato gun

  • Step 9

    Place barrel's mount in it's place and daube it with gypsum
    How to make potato gun

  • Step 10

    I decided that this is not enough, and made a little trick. Plastic bottle tends to contract while heating. Let's use this. The cylinder of a plastic bottle is put on the barrel mount with overlaps on the combustion chamber. Also, the bottle should hang over the end of mount cylinder
    How to make potato gun

  • Step 11

    Then slowly rotate it above open flame or do it with industrial dryer.
    Heat evenly, try not to overheat the plastic. Also, avoid touching plastic by flame!

    How to make potato gun

  • Step 12

    The barrel is sealed with tape in the place of contact with the mount
    Sharpen the edge of barrel for easier "cutting" of fruits and vegetables, which potato gun will shot

    How to make potato gun

  • An ignition system

  • Step 13

    Inside the potato gun will be two electrodes with gap between them of a few millimeters. We have a metal body, it creates a small problem. One electrode-nail I defended with three layers with heat-contract-tube and pasted into the hole. The second electrode is simply a screw, screwed into the body of the gun. Accordingly, the spark of the piezo will be fed through the wire to the first electrode and the second - through the gun's body
    How to make potato gun

  • Step 14

    Connect and attach piezo lighter to the body
    How to make potato gun

  • Step 15

    For the convenience of aiming I made a handle on the barrel. In my case it is the wing mount from bicycle
    How to make potato gun

  • Disassembled

    How to make potato gun

  • With silencer

    How to make potato gun

  • Some fire at last

    How to make potato gun

    How to make potato gun

  • Topic about making silencer for handmade potato gun


Watch a little video with how we having a good time with our homemade potato guns

ResultsResults and tips

  • Caliber 27 mm
  • The design is absolutely reliable, the gun for several years and nothing has happened to it
  • The gun turned out very compact
  • The silencer mutes the shot sound a little
  • It is necessary to try to make darts
  • Fuel was AXE deodorant, but it is best to use the tourist gas mixture
  • Potatoes easily penetrates a thick roofing slate, leaving it in a neat round hole
    How to make potato gun

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