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MP3 to tape recorder adapter

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MP3 to tape recorder adapter

mp3 to tape record adapter

difficultyDifficulty: ★★☆☆☆

timeTime: About half an hour

ScrapFrom scrap: ██░░░░░░░░ 20%


Many of us are still have the old cassette tape record players that already has become useless. You do not even know that such a cassette recorder could be connected to a common mp3 player!


  • Audiotape
  • Headphones wire
  • Jack3.5 мм
  • 's Pickup head of the cassette player

  • Screwdriver
  • Soldering
  • Glue

    mp3 adapter

  • Step 1

    Connect the headphones's wire with pickup head. There are only 3 connections: the central and the left to the right channels
    MP3 to tape recorder adapter

  • Step 2

    Disassemble the cassette, remove the extra internal partitions

  • Step 3

    Smear glue the back of the head (not reading side!)

  • Step 4

    Put pickup head in any audio tape and fasten it against the head of the tape

  • Step 5

    Connect the player and choose the ideal position of the head, the sound must be good and loud
    MP3 to tape recorder adapter

  • Step 6

    Insert a tape so that its head stuck in the right place
    MP3 to tape recorder adapter

  • Enjoy

    Done! You can now listen to music iin your car
    MP3 to tape recorder adapter

    Author: Танкист


ResultsResults and tips

  • Sound is not perfect, but not worse than with audio tape playing
  • Best way to save some money
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