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Homemade bbq grill

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Homemade bbq grill

DIY BBQ grill

difficultyDifficulty: ★★★☆☆

timeTime: About 4 hours

ScrapFrom scrap: ████████░░ 80%


How to buid a bbq grill of metal? It is very simple. We don't need in drawings or creating a difficult metal constructions with hard welding.

All work we need to do is just remaking a metal construction found on junkyard


  • Gasoline tank, for first type of homemade bbq grill. You can find this one on junkyard
  • Useless gas tank for second bbq grill, it's a junk too
  • Door handles
  • Door hinges for caps of grills
  • Little handles
  • Metal tubes for bbq legs. You can use any metal tubes you have
  • Thin metal tubes for strengthening construction of grill
  • Latch for bbq's cap
  • Bolts and nuts

  • Hacksaw or angle-grinder for cutting metal
  • Drill
  • Wrenchs, pliers and screwdriver
  • Welding machine (optional)
  • Metal brush
  • File

    Gasoline tank DIY bbq grill

  • Step 1. Preparing

    A tank from junkyard will be possibly dirty and rusty. So use metal brush (or brush capping on angle-grinder) to clean your tank.
    You shouldn't clean your tank so hard if you want it to be post-apocalyptic

  • Step 2. "Cutting"

    Cut your tank with hacksaw or angle grinder to form a big cell with it cap (1). Big cell is for combustion, and also you can make a little one for ignition with its own cap (2).
    It is necessary to treat sharp and jagged edges with file after cutting

    Homemade bbq grill

  • Step 3. Caps

    Little cap (2) is attached to grill with two bolts and nuts. It can easily turn around axis of bolts.
    To open and close big cap you need to attach it with door hinges by bolts and nuts.

  • Step 4. Strengthening

    Tank is very soft (cause of thin metal) so we need to make it stronger with struts (4), made of metal tubes. Also we need a prop (5) to keep cap opened, it is also made of tube.

  • Step 5. Handles

    To make grill more comfortable to transportation, fix two door handles (6) on each side of grill.
    This DIY BBQ is stationary, but you can attach a legs to it. They could be made of metal tubes and attached by welding or with bolts and nuts.

    Homemade bbq grill

    Homemade bbq grill

    Homemade bbq grill

  • Homemade bbq grill of gas tank

  • Step 1. "Cutting"

    Second homemade bbq is made of gas tank that i've found on same similar. Cut it with hacksaw or grinder to make a cap (7).
    Gas tank is made of thicker steel than gasoline tank, so there is no need to strengthening it.

  • Step 2. Cap and legs

    Attach cap to body with door hindles (8), for easily opening and closing. Also this grill has 4 folding legs, mounted with bolts
    Homemade bbq grill

  • Step 3. The latch

    The latch (10) is attached to body and cap to easy close and fix the cap while diy grill are travelling in the trunk of your car.
    It will be cool th use a magnet latch, but magnet loses it's abilities while heating

    Homemade bbq grill

    DIY bbq grill like that needs of some picture on it. Radiation hazard or biohazard, maybe scull with bones. You can draw them with heat resistant paint or indelible pencil

    Author: deminpetr74


So if you've read this, you really need some homemade bbq grill, huh? And some instruction of how to cook some steak...

ResultsResults and tips

  • So it's not so hard to make a bbq grill, you need to properly choose a billet.
  • You can place any picnic staff in gas tank bbq and place it in the trunk of your car.
  • And if you are cooking in public picnic park or trailer camp with diy bbq grill like these ones, you will achieve admiring glances from mature mans, children and other Fallout fans!
  • Sorry for my english.

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