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How to make a box kite

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How to make a box kite

Box kite

difficultyDifficulty: ★★★☆☆

timeTime: About 2 hours

ScrapFrom scrap: ██████████ 100%


Today I'll show you how to make a box kite out of the garbage. And "of garbage" is not a metaphor: my box kite is literally made of junk that lying around in the backyard. Construction in simple, without nails or glue. All built with the help of thread and duct tape. As we like it =)
The box kite has a very interesting feature: it will fly doesn't no matter how you make it. The dimensions and proportions can be taken almost randomly. Most important proportion, a strip of cellophane (or paper) is 1/3 of the entire height of the kite. That is, the box kite is divided into 3 equal parts.


  • Long thin wooden slats with a minimum size of 5x5 mm, I shred unwanted board. You can use any similar material: willow branches (thin and long), plastic ducts for cables, plastic pipes ... I once did from the curve of dry raspberries. And there is nothing worse, it works perfectly =)
  • Strong thread (for the construction). You can also use wire (I have a lot of, so use them)
  • Garbage bags (the most important component)
  • The long strong rope. Ideally - fishing twist, but then the cost of such a kite comes into a "Lux" class. Therefore, we use cheap nylon rope

  • Hacksaw
  • Scissors
  • Tape, insulation tape

    How to make a box kite

  • Drawing

    Who are not accustomed to do random sizes, here's the original drawing (by the way this box kite more cubic than mine one)
    How to make a box kite

  • Sizes

    Here is my sizes of box kite, just random.
    How to make a box kite

  • Frame

  • Step 1

    Cut 4 long slats, and 6 short with hacksaw.
    Treat barbs with sandpaper or file

  • Step 2

    Cross short slats in middles and attach them with duct tape and then tightly wind the thread. So make three crosses.

  • Step 3

    Attach these crosses to the 4 long slats in the middle and near ends. Only tape and thread, guys.
    How to make a box kite

    By the way a good idea to make angled cuts at the ends of crosses for a better fit to the corners of the long slats for better strendth of all construction
    How to make a box kite

  • Step 4

    The design turned out pretty shaky. Construction like in the first image doesn't have a defect like this. My construction of box kite has more simple design, so it should be strengthened. Contract crosswise all four big sides of kite corner to corner with a rope, winding it around slats and attach it with tape. This is the most difficult stage of the work. All ropes must be stretched, and the kite should not be skewed.
    How to make a box kite

  • Step 5

    So, frame is very hard now. Try to shake and twist it, it shouldn't stagger

  • Covering by bag

  • Step 6

    Cut garbage bags into strips.

  • Step 7

    The edge of the strip is attached by tape to one of the long slat.

  • Step 8

    Make a strip of cellophane complete revolution around the kite back to the place that it is attached. Cut off the extra and fix it with tape with little overlap, do not forget to stretch it.
    How to make a box kite

  • Step 9

    Stretch the rope along the perimeter of the square near the the upper edge of the cellophane.

  • Step 10

    Attach a free edge of bag to rope with tape.
    This will streghten the frame and you could attach free edge of cellophane to it. Thus the force of the wind will not stretch and tear the cellophane, and the whole strain will be on rope.

  • Step 11

    You can see edge of cellophane strips attached to rope.
    How to make a box kite

  • Step 12

    The lower edge of the bag is also fixed on the long rails: to the slat with thread and tape.
    You can also do the same construction as above: start up a thread on the perimeter, to fix it with duct tape and attach it to the bottom edge of the cellophane.

    How to make a box kite

  • Step 13

    Then I pulled box kite crosswise rope, again. The wind was strong, I decided to make kite stronger.
    How to make a box kite

  • Some result

    That's how looking neat rope stretched kite. It is absolutely hard, with no distortions
    How to make a box kite

  • Step 14

    Make a loop of wires for connecting ropes
    How to make a box kite

    Sizes of straps
    How to make a box kite

  • Step 15

    That's how i did it. Incomprehensible white stuff in the middle is soft cover for smartphone for aerial survey, it's made of sponge =)
    How to make a box kite

  • Wings

  • Step 16

    I added another slat, mounted in the same way as all the other (tape + thread).

  • Step 17

    Also I stretched thread to make wing's frame stronger and they will serve as a skeletonfor cellophane.
    How to make a box kite

    How to make a box kite

  • Step 18

    Cover with cellophane and attach it with tape
    How to make a box kite

    Wing's sizes chosen randomly too.


Test. Wind was TOO WEAK and I did everything I could...

ResultsResults and tips

  • My box kite flies awesome.
  • The height is gaining sharply, holding a rather large angle itself is nearly horizontal and pulls the rope almost vertically up!
  • Fly stable even in light wind.
  • In the strong (very strong) wing is desirable to tie the tail. Without it, there is starting to make a "dead loop" with little loss of height. Basically, it's even fun. A couple of times strongly pulled the rope - kite will lift at a dozen of meters. Pull your kite higher, where the wind is stronger. It make a 2-3 loop drop a little. Repeat. Children like it.
  • Big box kite in the sky is looking very creepy

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