Halloween pumpkin
Glass marker board
Compact alcohol stove
DIY RC plane
How to build МХ-1 Wolwerine foam RC airplane guide. Fast, dazzlingly beautiful and maneuverable.
How to build RC plane
Sometimes it is necessary to choose the electric motor of several fastest or the slowest, or just find out the rpm. I offer the easiest and sufficiently accurate way.
How to measure rpm
There was not the season for radio controlled models, and I decided to make a very simple model - foam plane. The model is very simple and suitable for beginners of all skill levels.
DIY foam plane
Recently I found in the Internet at a very cheap solution for etching circuit boards. To make it you need components which total cost not more than $0.5.
How to etch pcb cheap
I told about homemade potato gun with silencer, so this topic is about how to build a silencer for it.
DIY silencer for spudgun
One day I noticed a large foam reservior in the garbage. We was addicted to potato guns, so I decided to make a small gun from this container with silencer.
How to make potato gun
I'm going to present you an interesting led flashlight that works on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Just shake it - and it will recharge.
DIY led rechargeable torch
What can I say, I made a tiny radio transmitter to spy on somebody, I want to share the experience. It works perfectly
How to make a radio transmitter
It was boring day in the country and I decided to make another shooting device. I was limited in the materials and tools, so a few days digging in the back yard and local garbage I made spring pisyon dart gun which I have no problem to get a beer can from 20 meters. It all started when I found the spring.
How to make a dart gun
I want to show you one more rocket. It has a pretty impressive size (length of 2 meters and a diameter of 90 mm) and has a salvation system.
DIY rocket
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